AY2016 SSRI-IGC Symposium (ICU)

The End of Liberal World Order?


13:30 – 1830, Monday, 30 January, 2017


International Conference Room, Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House, ICU


Social Science Research Institute (SSRI – ICU)


Institute of Global Concern (IGC – Sophia University)


The liberal international order, the core principle of the global order throughout the postwar period, based on “open trade, multilateralism, alliances, partnerships, democratic solidarity, and human rights” (Ikenberry) seems to be in crisis. While new powers such as China might challenge American dominance, John Ikenberry argues that since “liberal internationalism remains the only game in town” there is no crisis of the principles, but there might be a crisis of authority.
The recently increased appeal and electoral success of populist parties, movements and political leaders in Europe, Asia, and now in the United States raises the question whether this will undermine liberal and democratic norms on the domestic level, lead to increased isolationism, and eventually the weakening of the liberalist international order and the end of the world as we know it. This symposium wants to discuss the relevance of these challenges with special attention on East Asia.

Opening Remarks&Introduction of the Symposium Theme

Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (SSRI Director)
Prof. Junko Hibiya (ICU President)
Prof. Nina Hasegawa (Sophia University)

Keynote Lecture 1

Prof. John Ikenberry (Princeton University)

Keynote Lecture 2

Prof. Kiichi Fujiwara (University of Tokyo)

Response Papers & Roundtable Discussion

Can Japan-EU Cooperation Help Sustain the Liberal Order?
Prof. Paul Midford (NTNU, Norway)
Post-liberal world order in Asia-Pacific
Prof. Thomas Wilkins (University of Sydney)
Post-liberal world order: The economic view
Mr. Robin Harding (FT, Tokyo Bureau Chief)

Prof. John Ikenberry (Princeton University)
Prof. Kiichi Fujiwara (University of Tokyo)
Prof. Paul Midford (NTNU, Norway)
Prof. Thomas Wilkins (University of Sydney)
Mr. Robin Harding (FT, Tokyo Bureau Chief)

Chair: Prof. Jae-jung Suh (ICU) and Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (SSRI Director)


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