AY2012 SSRI-IGC Symposium (ICU)

Human Security in Crisis?
– Global Insecurity after the Financial Crisis
and Fukushima –

10:30- 18:00, Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House, ICU

Social Science Research Institute (SSRI – ICU)

Institute for Global Concern (IGC – Sophia University)

Introductory Remarks

Prof. Junko Hibiya (President, ICU)
Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (Director, SSRI)

Symposium Theme: Human Security in Crisis?

Dr. Giorgio Shani (ICU)

Plenary Session 1

Human Insecurity of the Terminal Phase of Westphalian Capitalism: Human Security after the Lehman Shock, 9-11 and 3-11

– Prof. Kinhide Mushakoji (Osaka University of Economics & Law)

Discussant: Prof. Shin Chiba (ICU)
Chair: Prof. Koichi Nakano (Director, IGC)

Plenary Session 2

Expulsions: When Complexity Produces Elementary Brutalities

– Prof. Saskia Sassen (Columbia University)

Discussant: Prof. Nana Oishi (Sophia University)
Chair: Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (Director, SSRI)

Plenary Session 3

Human Security and Abandonment

– Prof. Mustapha Kamal Pasha (University of Aberdeen)

Discussant: Dr. Giorgio Shani (ICU)
Chair: Prof. Katsuhiko Mori (ICU)

Human Insecurity in Post Fukushima Japan

The Politics of Hybrid-Monster: Reflection on the Boundary between Misfortune and Injustice
– Prof. Hiroyuki Tosa (Kobe University)

Accidents, Contracts, and the Radiated Body: Global Nuclear Order at the Break of Fukushima

– Prof. Anna Agathangelou (York University, Canada)

Human Security after Fukushima: Plus ça change…
– Dr. Christopher Hobson (United Nations University)

Discussant: Prof. Julian Reid (University of Lapland)
Discussant: Prof. Kosuke Shimizu (Ryukoku University)
Chair: Prof. Wilhelm Vosse (Director, SSRI)

Joint Prayer

Father Juan Haider (Sophia University)
Rev. Shoko Kitanaka (ICU)

Concluding Address

Prof. Koichi Nakano(Director, IGC)

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