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The Indo-Pacific has become one of this century's most important strategic concepts and economic regions. With China's rise and the intensification of the U.S.-China rivalry, the region is now witnessing structural shifts that are increasingly affecting its stability and prosperity. The challenge here is that, on the one hand, the region has relied to a huge degree on the U.S. and its regional alliances to uphold security and stability, but on the other hand, its economic prosperity has become deeply intertwined with China.

The India-Japan bilateral partnership has grown significantly over the years and became the "Special Strategic and Global" partnership in 2015. With New Delhi and Tokyo positioned at either end of the Indo-Pacific, this 'like-minded' and deepening partnership has often been championed as one that will take on the role of the region's stabilizing anchors. This workshop is centered around five sessions where scholars will address, analyse and debate core research questions on the themes of geopolitics, economic and trade relations, maritime security, infrastructure-connectivity projects, and the culture and identity of India and Japan in the Indo-Pacific.

日時: 2023年8月5日(土曜)   13:00 ~ 18:30 (JST) 

場所: International Conference Room at 2F Dialogue House ダイアログハウス2階 国際会議室

参加方法: こちらのGoogle Formより事前にお申込みください。

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