New Open Lecture02/24 Marriage Equality in Japan


Date: Thursday, FEBRUARY 24

Time: 10:10-12:00

Place: Online (Zoom)

ABSTRACT: On March 17, 2021, the Sapporo District Court held the ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Was that ruling a win for the marriage equality cause in Japan? The lecture will take you on a tour through the history of marriage and sexual minorities to put that ruling in context. The lecture gives an introduction to the meaning of marriage in society and the law. Is marriage about love? Is marriage about reproduction? Is marriage about sex? The speaker explores the history of the criminalization, decriminalization, pathologizing, closeting, and liberalization of homosexuality. Is Japan less-homophobic than most Western societies? Did the Gender Identity Disorder Act challenge Japanese heteronormativity? Where were Japanese activists before 2015 and what are same-sex partnerships? Finally, the author takes another look at the Sapporo District Court decisions and talks about the future of marriage equality litigation.

About the Speaker: Daniel Machado is the author of the book Same-Sex Marriage in Brazil: Judicial Law-Making and the Shifting Concept of Family (Shinzansha, 2018), and teaches comparative family law at Rikkyo University's College of Law and Politics

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