January 31, 2019Open Lecture (1/31): Recent Challenges for Japan-China Relations

Friday,January 25,2019

Recent Challenges for Japan-China Relations

Prof. Reinhard Drifte

Professor Emeritus of Japanese Politics at the University of Newcastle, UK,

Chercheur Associé (CREG), Pau University, France

Time & Date:

11:30 – 12:40

January 31, 2019 (Th)

Venue: H-170

About the Lecturer:
Professor Drifte holds a Ph.D from the Department of East Asian Studies from University of
Bochum on ‘Security as a factor in Japanese foreign policy 1945-52’. His main research
interests include Japan’s foreign and security policy, and security issues in Northeast Asia.
Professor Drifte has received numerous awards and grants for his research, including an
award from the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London) for his book ‘Japan’s foreign

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