Roma and Travelers: The Impact of EU Integration on Ethnic and Linguistic Identity

Ignacy-Marek Kaminski

日時:10月18日 15:30 - 17:00

場所: 国際基督教大学本館 H-152

Dr. Ignacy-Marek Kaminski addresses several questions about the language and cultural life of Roma-Gypsies. Why have 12 million Roma-Gypsies survived as EU's largest ethnic minority in 2018? Why have my relations with Roma clans continued for 45 years? How can Roma tribes communicate without sharing common language? How do Roma's cultural identity, social control, conflict resolution, leadership networks operate?

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『隣る人』 上映 ー 企画者稲塚さんとともに


場所:国際基督教大学 本館 H-304


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(『隣る人』ウェブサイトより http://www.tonaru-hito.com/

『隣る人』 予告編:https://youtu.be/aD_OkGxXyew



日時:9月28日 15:10-18:30

場所:本館 H-213

Prof. Stefano Bartolini introduces the outline of his book Manifesto for Happiness: How to Shift from the Society of Well-having to that of Well-being, whose Japanese translation was published in August 2018. In this book, Bartolini explains complex relationships between economic growth and the decline of happiness in the US society, using a highly original theoretical model called the 'defensive growth' model. He also brings to light the problems of post-democracy which lies at the heart of consumerist society and delineates how political elites in advanced societies follow the interests of big business at the expense of well-beings of ordinary citizens. His work not only reveals institutional problems of market-driven capitalism but also highlights socio-political backgrounds in which the right-wing reactionary populism emerges in advanced societies such as US and Europe. As opposed to the prevailing dooms-day scenario, Bartolini proposes the transition to post-growth and the implementation of policy programmes for relational society.

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村上陽一郎 ICU名誉教授(科学史・科学哲学)

日時: 9月27日(木)13:15 - 15:00 (ロング4)

場所: 本館 H-364教室



Politics and Protest: 1840s-1880s: Creating the people's voice 民声の構築

by Emeritus Professor William Steele, International Christian University

日時: 4月24日(火)13:15~15:00

場所: 本館1階 H-152

The voice and language of political protest in Japan has sounded throughout modern Japanese history. This lecture explores the culture of popular protest - its language and visual expression - in the late 19th century with reference to 20th century ideas of popular protest.



Protean Power: Exploring the Unexpected and Unpredictable in World Politics

by Professor Peter Katzenstein, Walter S. Carpenter, Jr. Professor of International Studies, Cornell University

日時: 4月18日(水)16:30~18:00

場所: 教育研究棟 (ERB) 2階 247/249

This lecture discusses how the dynamics of protean and control power can be tracked in the relations among different state and non-state actors, operating in diverse sites, stretching from local to global, in both times of relative normalcy and moments of crisis.



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