Application for 2017 IERS Research Fellow (2016/11/22)

Sunday,June 4,2017


We will announce you that we started to accept an application for Research Fellow 2017. *Note change of mailing address and inquiry desk.

Starting AY2017, there are some changes in the system. For details, please see the following documents(AY2017 Information on ICU Research FellowChanges in Appointment of Research Fellows and Junkenkyuin).If you would like to apply for the Research Fellow in AY2017, please check these documents and submit the necessary forms(Application for Appointment as Research Fellow・Curriculum Vitae) by the following deadline.

forms to be submitted:

1) Application for Appointment as Research Fellow (prescribed form) WORD

2) Curriculum Vitae (prescribed form, for new appointment only) EXCEL

Deadline: Friday, December 16, 2016 17:00

ES vol.60 qualification for submissionES vol.60 qualification for submission

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