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Welcome to the IERS Archives, with its collection of over 3,000 books and materials. As a student, faculty or staff of ICU, you have the resources of the IERS Archives to support your studies and research. This page is intended to give you useful guidance on how to use the IERS Archives. More informations are available from the IERS staff at ERB-235 who are always ready to help you.

How to use

The IERS Archives operates on an open stack, self-service basis. There is no limit of items that may be borrowed by CLA and GS students (include special students), faculty and academic staff of ICU. All borrowers must fill out the loan form as follows;

a. Name and ID Number

b. Tittle of archives and call numbers

c. Borrowing dates

d. Appointed date

e. Phone number or e-mail address

◆ Renewals

If you wish to keep borrowing archives beyond the due date, fill out the loan form again for renewal.

◆ Loan Periods

Faculty & Academic Staff: 1 month

Graduate Students: 1 month

CLA Students & Special Students: 2 weeks

External Users: Room use only


◆ Do not eat or drink in the Archives.

◆ Smoking is prohibited in the Archives.

◆ Please report immediately any damage to, or loss of, archive materials.

In some cases, compensation will be required.


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