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Educational Studies Vol.66


/OKAWA, Hiroshi


Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking in Higher Education: From the Tracer Study of Service-Learning Students
/ NISHIMURA, Mikiko, & OMI, Kanako

Interdependent Self-Construal, Acculturative Stress, and Social Support of International Students in Japan
/ DENG, Yazhuo, & ISOZAKI, Mikitoshi

The Impact of Word Order on Comparative Interpretation in Japanese-Speaking Children
/ ARII, Tomoe, & LEE, Seunghun J.

Integrating ChatGPT Into English Education: Insights From a Preliminary Survey and Course Design at a Japanese Science University
/ MIYAZOE, Terumi

An Analysis of the Long-Term Eff ects of Liberal Arts Education Using a Graduate Survey
/ OMORI, Sawa, & ESKILDSEN, Robert

Development of an E-Learning Program With “Easy Japanese” for Training Medical Interpreters
/ ONO, Naoko, OKABE, Junko, & HAMAI, Taeko


Mentalizing Approach in School Counseling: Hints for Working With Children Who Are Refusing to Go to School or Who Have Developmental Disabilities
/ NASU, Rie, KIMURA, Yoshinari, & NISHIMURA, Kaoru

Consciousness as a Subject: The Linguistic Structure of Attention and Consciousness
/ KAWAZU, Shigeo

What is Virtual Exchange?: Terminology, Theoretical Background and Future Issues
/ OHE, Hye-Gyeong

The Oral/Literate Continuum and Interpersonal Involvement: L1 and L2 Oral and Written Narratives in English and Japanese

Investigating the Resources About Multilingual Development in Children Available to Japanese Medical and Welfare Practitioners
/ SUZUKI, Yoko


Equity and Inclusion in Rural Kenyan Primary Education: Reconsidering Public and Private Dichotomy Analysis

Research Brief: A Literature Analysis of Intercultural Competence as a Learning Outcome Measurement of Study Abroad Programs in the United States and Japan
/ HIRATSUKA, Hiroyoshi

Cognitive Engagement of Japanese High School Students in an English-Medium Exploratory Activity Program
/ OSHIMA, Miyuki R., CHOU, Iou-shiuan, ANDO, Nozomi (WILSON, Grace), & MORISHIMA, Yasunori


Eff ect of Effi ciency of Language Processing and Storage in Working Memory on Anaphoric Inference in a Second Language
/ ASAMI, Shiori


IERS Open Lecture, Workshop, & Symposium Titles & Lecturers List AY2023

How Are We to Prepare Post-Pandemic in Liberal Arts Education? Challenges and Opportunities for Faculty and Students
/ SASAO, Toshiaki

Language Documentation and Linguistics: Community-Based Approaches
/ LEE, Seunghun J.

Current Trends in Phonetics and Phonology
/ LEE, Seunghun J.

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