EventDay:2013-2-25 Published:2013-02-25

Open Lecture#12 Description Research on Disfluent Phenomena in Spontaneous Japanese: A Corpus-Basec Approach

Mr. Takehiko Maruyama (Associate Professor of National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguisti... more

EventDay:2013-2-18 Published:2013-02-18

Open Lecture#11 Education in Africa

H.E. Ms. Mohau N. Pheko (Ambassador of Republic of South Africa) February 18, 2013 more

EventDay:2013-2-16 Published:2013-02-16

Open Forum: Water Literacy Open Forum

Dr. Keiichi Sato (Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology), Dr. Teruo ... more

EventDay:2013-2-5 Published:2013-02-05

Open Lecture#10 The Trend and Challenges of Competencies of Students and Adults in OECD Countries

Mr. Andreas Schleicher (Deputy Director for Education and Special Advisor on Education Policy to the... more

EventDay:2012-11-23,11-24,11-25 Published:2012-11-23

Workshop: OBC/B-DRA Workshop

Dr. Kazuko Nakajima (Professor Emeritus at University of Toronto), Professor Eriko Ishii (Tokyo Woma... more

EventDay:2012-10-5,10-6 Published:2012-10-05

Syposium: International Symposium on Environmental Water Literacy

October 5 & 6, 2012 more

EventDay:2012-10-4 Published:2012-10-04

Open Lecture#8 Water Literacy and Sustainability Education: A Perspective from Washington State

Ms. Gilda Wheeler (Program Supervisor, Sustainability and Science, Washington State Office of Superi... more

EventDay:2012-10-3 Published:2012-10-03

Open Lecture#7 Sustainability Issues with Water and Literacy in India

Mr. Ratnam Chandra (Managing Director of VOUNY, New Delhi, India) October 3, 2012 more

EventDay:2012-10-1 Published:2012-10-01

Open Lecture#6 Water Education in China

Mr. Junji Hashimoto (Water Journalist, Representative of Aqua-sphere) October 1, 2012 more

EventDay:2012-9-27 Published:2012-09-27

Open Lecture#5 The Freising Manuscripts: Slovene Language and Literacy

Dr. Jelisava Sethna (Lecturer of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, University of Ljubljana, Presi... more

EventDay:2012-6-13 Published:2012-06-13

Open Lecture#4 The Education of Children and Mother Tongue Retention in a Cultural and Linguistic Diverse Environment:Theories and Practice of Ontario Early Years Centre in Toronto, Canada

Ms. Vilma Raymundo (Centre Supervisor of Don Valley East Ontario Early Years Centre) June 13, 2012 more

EventDay:2012-6-6 Published:2012-06-06

Workshop: Hands on Video Workshop

Mr. Katsuyuki Hattori (Video Artist, Lecturer at Nihon Kogakuin Technical College) Mr. Hiroaki Sato ... more

EventDay:2012-5-16 Published:2012-05-16

Open Lecture#3 Conflict and Education

Dr. Taro Komatsu (Former Associate Professor of Graduate School, Kyushu University, Expert at JICA a... more

EventDay:2012-5-10 Published:2012-05-10

Open Lecture#2 An Introduction to American Sign Language

Ms. Peggy Prosser (Chairperson of National Association of the Deaf International Sub Committee, Inde... more

EventDay:2012-4-13 Published:2012-04-13

Open Lecture#1 Irish Poetry Month with Dr. Peter McDonald

An Evening of Poetry and Music: The Poetry of W.B.Yeats and Peter McDonald Dr. Peter McDonald (Chris... more

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