About IERS

About IERS

Established in 1953 for the purpose of pursuing basic and applied research activities in education, and contributing the fruits of those activities to society. In addition to research and study, the Institute also organizes plans and sponsors open lectures, seminars and study meetings. The Institute publishes an annual research journal entitled Educational Studies and a Monograph Series published on an occasional basis.

IERS Policy

The first Director of the IERS, Professor Daishiro Hidaka(1898-1977), described the goal of the new Institute in the first issue of Educational Studies(vol.1), highlighting issues such as the new system of postwar education, international education, and the challenges of teacher training. These issues are still relevant today.

Commitment to Education

◆ Lectures, seminars, symposia, and conferences

◆ Research projects in the field of education

Literacy Seminary (1996-), ICU Value Study Research (2009-)

◆ Archives

The IERS Archives Room (ERB I-236) holds materials on literacy, general education, and education in developing countries, etc. It operates on an open stack, self-service basis. There is no limit on items that may be borrowed by students, faculty, and staff of ICU. Archives (closed: 2017/3)

◆ Publications

The IERS publishes an annual journal, Educational Studies, and a Monograph Series on an intermittent basis. Publications


The IERS consists of ICU educational staff who are engaged in research in the field of education.

Director:  FUJII, Akiko

Advisors: KURIYAMA, Yoko, JUNG, Insung, MAHER, John C.

Members: 33

also, there are–

RIA (Research Institute Assistants): 5

Research Fellows: 13

Address and Contact


Institute of Educational Research and Service (IERS)

International Christian University, Room 419, the Troyer Memorial Arts & Sciences Building,

Osawa 3-10-2, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8585, Japan

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e-mail:iers☆icu.ac.jp (Please replace ☆ with @)

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