「NEW」[IERS] Call for papers: Educational Studies Vol. 67

Friday,May 24,2024


The Institute for Educational Research and Service (IERS) cordially invites you to contribute to Educational Studies Vol. 67 which will be published in March 2025. 

1. Please confirm your qualification on the “ES 67 Qualification for Submission.docx”  

2. Fill out the “ES 67 Application Form.docx.”  

3. Please submit the application form to the IERS office via email (es-iers@icu.ac.jp), no later thannoon, Friday, June 21, 2024 (JST). 

If you require changes ofcategory, author(s) (including co-author[s]), and/or language of contribution after submitting the application, please let us know by Monday, July 22, 2024 (JST) 

Important Notes 

1. We do not accept the submission via hand delivery or mail. 

2. We do not allow the change of category to the Research Articles (Refereed) from other categories after your submission of the application form. But we allow the change from Research Articles (Refereed) to the other categories. 

3. For the Research Articles (Refereed) category, we would like to request the author’s cooperation in (a) recommending one or two potential (suggested) reviewers and (b) listing one or two persons whom you do not wish to recommend as the reviewers of your manuscript due to conflict of interest. In this case, authors should refrain from recommending co-authors from their previous articles as potential (suggested) reviewers.  

4. Before Master-course and Doctoral-course students submit their articles, the article must be reviewed and accepted by their guarantor (IERS member). 

Details of the rules and regulations about Educational StudiesVol. 67 will be posted on our website on or after Friday, June 7, 2024. Potential contributors will be asked to submit the manuscript by noon, Saturday, August 31, 2024 (JST). Late submission may not be accepted.  

For further inquiries, please contact us: es-iersicu.ac.jpplease replace  with @)

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