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Educational Studies Vol.59

/ Machiko Tomiyama


Evidence-Based Educational Practice and Policy:

National and International Perspectives

■ An Introduction to the Special Issue
/ Toshi Sasao

Longitudinal Data Analysis Methods for Evidence-Based Education

/ TAMAI, Kota & FUJITA, Hidenori

Effects of Social Skills and Interpersonal Communication Training on Freshman Students Taking Physical Education Courses

/ SHIMIZU, Yasuo, YAMAUCHI, Hiroshi,KITAMI, Yuina, HATTA, Naoki, &TAKAHASHI, Shin

A Summative Evaluation of Internationalization of Japanese Faculty Members Through Their International Cooperation Project Participation

/ HIRATSUKA, Hiroyoshi

Methodological and Theoretical Issues in Evaluating Continuing Education Practices for Professional Nurses: A Critical Literature Review and Implications for Evidence-Based Practice

/ OUCHI, Junko

Developing Toddlers’ Cooperative Problem-Solving Abilities Through“ Totally-Absorbed Play”: Integrating Quantitative Data and Educational Practices

/ SUMIYA, Shiori, UMEKAWA, Noriko, KAMEYAMA, Toru, & WATANABE, Noriko

Evidence Based Pronunciation Education: A Production Study of L2 English Stop- Nasal Sequences by L1 Korean Speakers

/ LEE, Seunghun J, LEE, Junkyu, & LEE, James V.

Narratives in Language Learning Research: Developing a Reflexive Framework

/ MIYAHARA, Masuko

The Researcher’s Reflexivity in Qualitative Interviews

/ WATANABE, Atsuko

■ Commentary
Searching for the Best of Both Worlds: Evidence-Based and Best Practice Approaches for the Delivery of Educational and Social Programs

/ YASUDA, Tomoyuki


Parental and Community Participation in School Management and Quality of Education: The Case of 8 Primary Schools in Fatick and Ties in Senegal


Social Justice, Diversity, and the Needs of Civic Education in Japan

/ BUCKLEY, Setsuko

A Study of Career Education Through the New Curriculum for School in Korea

/ KIM, Tae Hoon

Globalism and Nationalism in Mori Arinori, the First Minister of Education in Japan

/ SAITO, Yasuo


Basic Techniques of Group Therapy With Adolescents: A Manual


Transgenerational Transmission of Atomic-Bomb Trauma: Denial, Dependency and Splitting


Language, Media & Society

Fundamental Issues on the Globalization of English and English Language Teaching in Japan


Blended Learning for Medical Interpreters:Review of the Practices

/ ONO, Naoko

The Impact of English Language Learners’ Positive Affects on Language Contact: Quantitative Results

/ TAJIMA, Chihiro

MOOC Learning Experiences: Using the Elaborated Model of Systemic Student Support

/ FAJARDO, Jennifer C. C. & ABDELWAHAB, Amira

Safarni: Travelling for Peace

/ LOGAN, Madeleine & SANDERSON, Sarah

IERS Open Lecture, Forum, Workshop, & Symposium Titles & Lecturers List AY2016

2016 Global Research Network for Liberal Arts Education Workshop:“ Doing Liberal Arts and Sciences Education: Promises and Possibilities”

/ JUNG, Insung

Workshop for‘ Japanese A: Literature’ of International Baccalaureate Education (IB)

/ HANDA, Atsuko

Bilingual/Multilingual Child Network (BMCN) First Annual Meeting, 2016

/ SUZUKI, Yoko

Design and Implementation of a New Faculty Development Program for Liberal Arts Education

/ JUNG, Insung

Literacy Seminary

/ SUZUKI, Yoko, NISHIMURA, Mikiko, DAWSON, Walter, & TANAKA, Mana

In Remembrance of Prof. Tamotsu Fujinaga

/ KURIYAMA, Yoko & OOI, Naoko

■ EDITORIAL POLICY for Educational Studies
■ AUTHOR GUIDELINES for Educational Studies (English Manuscript)

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