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ICC Special Open Lecture

Symposium: Perspectives on Nature and Environmental Ethics in the Deuteronomistic History*
(1) "How Much Did the Crisis of 597 BCE Trigger an Interest for Environmental Questions"
Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Römer (Collège de France, Old Testament Studies)
(2) "DNI Bible Project: The Dictionary of Nature Imagery of the Bible, An Introduction"
Lecturer: Prof. Dalit Rom-Shiloni (Tel Aviv University, Old Testament Studies)
(1) "Among the Creatures: Other-Than-Human Creatures in Israel's Legal Corpus"
Lecturer: Prof. Mari Joerstad (Vancouver School of Theology, Old Testament Studies)
(2) "Nature Metaphors and Memory in the Pentateuch's Poetry"
Lecturer: Dr. Kevin Chau (University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, Old Testament Studies)
(1) "The Views of Natural Environment in Hesiodic Epics"
Lecturer: Prof. Yoshinori Sano (ICU, Classics)
(2) "Animate Nature in Deuteronomy and Deuteronomistic History: Focusing on Heaven and Earth"
Lecturer: Prof. Johannes Unsok Ro (ICU, Old Testament Studies)
Date & Time: October 31st, 2nd and 4th November 2nd & 4th
Place: International Conference Room, Dialogue House, ICU Poster_2022.10.31_Symposium_page-0001.jpg


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