Modernity Made Visual

Saturday,December 6,2003

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Modernity Made Visual
From the Late 19th Century to the Mid-20th Century

December 6, 2003
Diffendorfer Memorial Hall West Wing, ICUModern Japanese Art in the Yi Household Art Museum
Visual Images as Ruling Strategy
Lee Sungsi (Professor, Waseda University, Korean History)Visualizing the Nation
The Far East in the Conciousness of Russians
Yulia Mikhailova (Professor, Hiroshima City University, Japanese History)War Art in Modern Japan
Vocabulary, Usage and Context
Kawata Akihisa (Lecturer, Waseda University, Art History)The Dilimma of Bodily Beauty
Body and Race Visualized among Elites in Meiji and Taisho Period Japan
Majima Ayu (Ph.D.Candidate, ICU, Japanese History)

Chair: Kenneth R. Robinson (Associate Professor, ICU, Director of IACS, History)

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