(Journal) Vol.1 - Vol.10


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.10 (November 1978)

Articles Hisao Otsuka Criteria of Cultural Comparison as Viewed from Asia Arimichi Ebisa... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 9 (December 1977)

Articles Ki-pyok Cha Manabu Watanabe (tr.) Tradition of Korea and the Formation of Modern ... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.8 (September 1975) Preface:Kiyoko Takeda Cho

China and the Japanese in Historical Perspective 山本達郎 歴史上から見た東アジアの国際関係の形態 喜多村 浩 アジアの経済開発... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 7 (May 1973)

Nobuyuki Sato Interim Reports in Korean-Japanese Comparative Studies The Family and Kinship in C... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.6 (December 1972) Preface:Kiyoko Takeda Cho

Articles 大塚久雄 経済の近代化課程における宗教の役割 堀 一郎 日本人の精神的風土と宗教 喜多村 浩 アジア研究の方向を探る 福地崇生 アジア経済の特質 ... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 4 (September 1967) Modernization of Asia

On Modernization 蝋山芳郎 インドの近代化に関する研究序説 The Time and Man 荒畑寒村 社会主義運動における人間の問題 ... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 5 (October 1966) Approaches to the "History of Thought" - Transformation of Modern Japan - Preface:Kiyoko Takeda Cho

Articles Maruyama Masao An Approach to the History of Thought - Its Types, Realms, and Obj... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.3 (October 1962) Studies on Modernization of Japan by Western Scholars   Forword:Kiyoko Takeda Cho

Articles Marius B. Jansen On Studying the Modernization of Japan Robert N. Bellah Values... more


Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 2 (September 1960)

Articles Paul Tillich Religion and Culture W. A. Visser't Hooft Syncretism as a World Pr... more


Asian Cultural Studies, No.1 (October 1958)

Sei Wada On Dayan Khan Hidehiro Okada Yuan Shun-ti (Toghon Temur) and Cheju Island Ar... more

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