Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 7 (May 1973)

Saturday,May 19,1973

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Nobuyuki Sato Interim Reports in Korean-Japanese Comparative Studies The Family and Kinship in Cheju (Quelpart) Island - Field Study of O Village -
Kiyotaka Aoyagi Room-Arrangement for Sleeping among Household Members in A Village of Taech'onmyon, Kwangsangun, Cholla Namdo - Interim Report -
Won-sun Park Ideological Feature and its Development in the Modernization of Korea
Yong-jun Hyon Shamanism and Society in Korea
T'ae-im Yun Chae-hwi Yi (Tr.) Inheritance of Confucianism - Translation of selected chapter from "Mental Structure of Korean People"
Fujiya Kawashima Yangban's Mate Selection and the Officialdom in Choson Dynasty Korea
Kiyoko Takeda Cho Yanagi Muneyoshi's Discovery of Beauty of Folk Art - Through Discovery of Indigenous Korean Ceramics -
Book Review
Kiyoko Takeda Cho History of Korean Shamanism -Structural Significance - by Yu Tong-sik

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