Asian Forum 2019


EndedAsian Forum No.183 "Traces of Ki no Tsurayuki in Japanese Literature"

DATE : 2020/2/10 (Mon)TIME : 12:50-13:50PLACE : H-252 Lecturer: ONO, Robert (Japan College of Social... more


EndedAsian Forum No.182 Part1: Film Screening "The Future of Myaakufutsu: Vanishing Voices, Emerging Voices", Part2: Lecture "Shooting with iPhone, making 'a documentary,' their similarities and differences"

DATE : 2020/1/27 (Mon)TIME : Part1: 12:45-13:40 Part2: 13:50-14:50 PLACE : Othmer Library, GF Multim... more


EndedAsian Forum No.181 “'One Belt, One Road' initiative as 'The Post-Westphalian World Order System': A Perspective from New Islamic- Confucian with Quantum Social Science”

DATE : 2020/1/9 (Thu)TIME : 12:50-13:50PLACE : H-251 Lecturer: SUZUKI, Norio (Professor, Aichi Unive... more


Asian Forum No.180 “Trace, Incident, and Testimony: The Story of Amano Kozo, Lieutenant of the 33rd Regiment of the 16th Division of Japan’s China Expeditionary Army”

DATE : 2019/12/13 (Fri)TIME : 13:50-14:50 (tentative)PLACE : ERB-257 Lecturer: SUN, Jiang (Visiting... more


【Rescheduled】Asian Forum No.178 "A Guide through the Diplomatic Archives"

Asian Forum No. 178, which has been postponed from May 9, is now rescheduled as follows. DATE: 2019... more

EventDay:2019/05/27 Published:2019-04-10

EndedAsian Forum No.179 “Japanese Long Vowels and Diphthongs”

DATE : 2019/5/27 (Mon.)TIME : 10:10-11:20 PLACE : Honkan 316 Lecturer: Timothy J. Vance (Professor, ... more


Asian Forum No.177 “ICU in Asian-Pacific War, Night precision bombing in April 1945”

DATE : 2019/2/14 (Thrsday.)TIME : 12:50-13:50 PLACE : Kiyoshi Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House 203 L... more


Asian Forum No.176 “Drinking Games in The Story of The Stone”

DATE : 2019/1/15 (Thu.)TIME : 12:50-13:50 PLACE : Honkan 106 Lecturer: ZHAN, HAIYAN (Researcher, IAC... more

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