EndedChristian meets Asia: the Past and Future -- Remembering Takeda (Cho) Kiyoko

Wednesday,October 17,2018


The Institute of Asian Cultural Studies is delighted to announce the workshop: “Christian meets Asia: the Past and Future -- Remembering Takeda (Cho) Kiyoko”.

TIME Nov.24, 2018, 12:30-18:00

  • Presenter: KURATA Akiko(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
    Title: Concept of Christianity for Intellectual Christians in 19th Century China: Conflict and Accord with Confucian Values

  • Presenter: DOI Ayumu(Meiji Gakuin University)
    Title: An Image of Taiping Rebellion at the beginning of Republican China

  • Presenter: MINO, Kazue(University of Edinburgh)
    Title: Christianity wrestling with History: Campbell N. Moody and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan under Japanese Colonial Rule

  • Presenter: YOSHINARE, Akiko(Keisen University)
    Title: Naohiro Sakamoto's View on Japan-Korean Relationship

  • Presenter:ISHIKAWA, Teruko(Otsuma Women's University)
    Title: Japan-China YWCA: Internationalism, Nationalism, and Gender

  • Presenter: WATANABE, Yuko (Meijigakuin University)
    Title: Religious Control under Japanese Colonialism:a Case Study of Mission Schools in Manchukuo

  • Presenter: MATSUTANI, Yosuke
    Title: Kiyoko Takeda and the Chinese Church- focusing on her friendship with Bishop K.H.Ting

  • Presenter: MIYAGI, Mikio (Boston University)
    Title: Christians’ Protest again the Land Problem during the US Administration of Okinawa: Theology of Reconciliation Declared by the American Methodist Church Missionaries


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