Announcement: 8th Issue of CGS Journal, "Gender and Sexuality"

"Gender and Sexuality 08" can be downloaded as a PDF file from the link listed below.


Table of Contents

Research papers

Americanized LGBT Human Rights: the Narrative of Progress and the Speech "Gay Rights are Human Rights"
Kazuyoshi KAWASAKA

Identity and the Public -- the Controversy surrounding Boston's St. Patrick's day Parade

The Image and Reception of "Johnny's" in the magazine Myojo

Field Report

The World's Population of 7 Billion? Possible thoughts and actions

Book Review

Robin, Bernstein. Racial Innocence: Performing American Childhood from Slavery to Civil Rights
Natsumi IKOMA

Invited Paper
Beginning a "Special Contribution" Column
Etsuko KATO

The Possibility of Changes in Sexual Education --Creating Connections between Sex and Gender Studies
Yukihiro MURASE

CGS Events Reports
Report: Open Lecture and Film Screening Making new television programs: A director's perspective -- The media and sexual minorities -- Dialogues with Sexual Minorities through Film, "Each Step as Myself"
Report: Co-hosted Open Lecture Gender and Sexuality as International Human Rights Issues
Report: Co-hosted Open Lecture
The Possibilities of Basic Income: From a Female/Student Viewpoint
Report: Co-hosted Workshop Trafficking in Persons in Asia: What have we achieved? What are the issues? Raised from the field
Report: Workshops Thinking about Recreating -- Recreating Relationships through Art -- Thinking about Relations -- Considering Date DV and Date Rape -- Political Action begins with 'Myself'
Report: Talk session Let's Talk about Parenting on Campus #2
CGS Activity Reports and Schedule
The Eleventh Thirteenth Meetings of the Tama Gender Education Network

CGS Activity Reports and Schedule
 AY2012 CGS Activity Report
 AY2013 CGS Activity Schedule

Author Profiles
Regular Members of the Center for Gender Studies
Journal Regulations for Vol.09
Postscript from the Editor


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