Asia in Transition

Saturday,October 24,1998

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Asia in Transition
Date: Oct 24, 1998
Place: ICUin Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the Institute of Asian Cultural Studies

Greetings from the Director
M. William Steele (ICU, History)”Thailand in Transition”
Pira Sudham (Thailand, novelist)
Comments by Azumi Koya (ICU, Sociology)”Women in a Changing Asia”
Patricia Licuanan (Philippines, Miriam College)
Comments by Masako Ishii-Kuntz (Universityof California, Tokyo Study Center, Sociology)
“Religion in the Globalization Era: A Southeast Asian Perspective”
John Titaley (Indonesia, Satya Wacana Christian University)
Comments by John Maher (ICU, Linguistics)

Special Lecture
“Japan and Asia in Transformation: Creative Dialogue of Plural Cultural Values”
Cho (Takeda) Kiyoko (Founding Director of IACS, Emeritus Professor, ICU)

“India-Japan: Reflections on the Ambiguity of Asia”
Brij Tankha (India, University of Delhi)
Comments by Kasai Minoru (ICU, History)

Panel Discussion: Asian Culture in Transition
Chair: M. William Steele
Pira Sudham, Patricia Licuanan, John Titaley, Brij Tankha

Mentality of Popular Rebellion – A Comparison of Europe and East Asia

“Anabaptists and the German Peasants’ War” Werner O. Packull (Conrad Grebel College, University of Waterloo, History) “The German Peasants’ War and the Heavenly Kingdom of the Taiping Rebellion” Kojima Shinji (Tokyo University, History)

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