Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.44(March 2018)

Monday,June 11,2018

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研究論文(Research Articles)
M. William Steele Postcards from Hell: Glimpses of the Great Kanto Earthquake
Obara Mika The Sacrifices behind the "Success" of Saiban-in Seido (Quasi-Jury System)
松中 完二 (Matsunaka Kanji) ソシュール言語学と翻訳―小林英夫と時枝誠記の邂逅― (Saussurean Linguistics and Its Japanese Translation―The Encounter of Two Genius: Hideo Kobayashi and Motoki Tokieda―)
宇野 彩子(Uno Ayako) ガーンディーと民衆:声なき声に耳を傾けて(Gandhi and People -- Listening to Voiceless Voices)
矢島 愛子 (Yajima Aiko) 流派と「茶道団体」を横断する:若手社会人茶人と「伝統」の共存 (Tea beyond Tradition: Young working Tea Practitioners and the Expansion of the Tea Ceremony)
研究ノート(Research Note)
Kishi Yu The Architectural Photo Modern in 1930s Japan
Maysoun SAWAAN History of Urban Planning and Development in the Middle East as a Context of Syrian Post-war Re-construction
井堂 有子(Ido Yuko) 創られる「われらの糧」-エジプトにおけるパン配給制度に関する一考察(Creating "Food for Life": Analysis on Egyptian Bread Ration System)
吉岡 史郎(Yoshioka Shiro) 「脱・テニミュ史観」を目指して-『サクラ大戦』に見る2.5次元ミュージカルの新たな可能性(To overcome the'Prince of Tennis-centered view of history': a new horizon of theatre adaptation of anime, manga and videogame as seen in theatre adaptation of Sakura Wars)

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