Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 29 (March 2003)

Wednesday,March 19,2003

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 29 (March 2003)

Editor’s Introduction: Koto Tomoko

高澤紀恵 都市・平和・武器―1614年パリ断章―
M. William Steele The Anglo-Japanese Alliance and Japanese Nationalism
Hiroko Willcock Advent of a Meiji Prophet and Carlylean Man of Letters: Uchimura Kanzo 1885-1896
Rosemary Gray Jeffcott Japanese History: A View from Tsugaru
Jacqueline Ann Houtved Building a Rich Country and a Strong Army: A Japanese Merchant’s Suggestions on How to Achieve Wealth and Power
Christian W. Spang and Michael Wachutka “Made in Japan”: An Introduction to Recent Tokyo-based German Historical Research on Modern Japan (1853-1945)
Jim Matson American Historians and Japanese Textbooks
Sato Yutaka Externalization in the Temporal Affix Construction
Research Notes
石渡茂 「小北文庫」―オーストラリア・ニュー・ジーランドその他太平洋地域の研究の宝庫
Book Review
Kwok-wai Ng William P. Malm, Traditional Japanese Music and Musical Instruments

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