Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 27 (March 2001)

Monday,March 19,2001

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 27 (March 2001)

Editor’s Introduction: M. William Steele

Book Reviews
John C. Maher Amy McNair, The Upright Brush: Ian Zhenqing’s Calligraphy and Song Literati Politics
Temario C. Rivera Christine B. N. Chin, In Service and Servitude: Foreign Female Domestic Workers and the Malaysian “Modernity” Project
Symposium: Social Engagement in Modern Japanese Religion (Articles in English)
Inaba Keishin Altruism and Charitable Activities of New Religions in Japan: Theoretical Perspectives
Ranjana Mukhopadhyaya The Brighter Society Movement of Rissho Kosei-kai: A New Application of the Bodhisattva Way
Stephen G. Covell Lighting Up Tendai: Strengthening Sect-Patrishioner Bonds Through The Light Up Your Corner Movement
Elizabeth A. Dorn Pollution Relief And The Japan Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
Yulia Mikhailova Laughter in Russo-Japanese Relations: Comic Pictures of the Russo-Japanese War
Robert D. Eldridge The Amami Reversion Movement: Its Origins, Activities, Impact, and Meaning
Mika Mervio Birds, Politics and Environment in Japan
Jeffrey P. Bayliss Grass-roots “Multiculturalism”: Korean-Burakumin Interrelations in One Community
Ng Kwok Wai The Symmetrical, Parallel and Balanced Characteristics of Bugaku: From Costume Motifs to Music
Yinghong Li Banalized Suffering in Yu Hua’s Fiction
Kamata Yoji The Transformation of Sherpas and Anthropological Modes of Thought: A Research Note on the Notion of Change in Himalayan Nepal
(Articles in Japanese)
孫 建軍 『増訂華英通語』における「領事」「保険」「陪審」
松中完二 認知的言語研究の先駆者としての時枝誠記
福田秀一 矢内原忠雄の留学生活
源 了圓 横井小楠の「公」をめぐる思想とその「開国」観

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