Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 22 (March 1996)

Tuesday,March 19,1996

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 22 (March 1996)

Editors’ Introduction: M. William Steele

Symposium: Image as Information in 19th Century Japan
Robert Eskildsen Renegotiating Foreignness in Bakumatsu Japan
Tetunori Iwashita Political Information and Satirical Prints in Late Tokugawa Japan: The Popular Image of Government Officials in Utagawa Kuniyoshi’s Kitaina mei’i nanbyo ryoji
M.William Steele Representations of Self and Other in Late Tokugawa Woodblock Prints
John Mertz Close Encounters of the First Kind: Jippnesha Ikku, Kanagaki Robun, and the Literary Construction of National Identity
Barry D. Steben Law Enforcement and Confucian Idealism in the Late Edo Period
Masako Ishii-Kuntz A Perspective on Changes in Men’s Work and Fatherhood in Japan
R.E.Asher Japanese and Tamil: Some Typological Analogies
Shaun Kingsley Malarney The Emerging Cult of Ho Chi Minh? A Report on Religious Innovation in Contemporary Northern Vietnam
Motoyoshi Omori Implication of Disputes in Rural Life of the Bachiga in Uganda
イサム R.ハムザ 幕末日本における対外観について
朴光淳 日本の沿岸漁業構造改善と漁村共同体――宮城県・大谷地区を中心に
葛西 實 M.K.ガンディーと南アフリカ
飯島明子 シャム近代文学における『ポンサワダーン・ヨーノック』
福田秀一 日本文学の範囲

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