Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 21 (March 1995)

Sunday,March 19,1995

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 21 (March 1995)

Editor’s Preface: Masayoshi Uozumi, M. William Steele

Richard Siddle With Shining Eyes: Ainu Social and Political Movements 1918-1937
Koizumi Takashi Ogyū Sorai, John Stuart Mill, and Nishi Amane
Steven J. Ericson Waging the “War of the Abacus”: Japanese State Purchase of the Seol-Pusan Railway
Patricia G. Sippel Mapping the Tokugawa Domain
Joan E. Ericson “Narcissus” – A Short Story by Hayashi Fumiko Translation and Introduction
Anette Masui Indigenous Peoples – Changing Roles in the International Sphere
宮沢恵理子 満州国における青年組織化と建国大学の創設
張 冠増 中国都市発展における外来文化の影響――国際都市長安と上海を中心に
李 小江(くずめよし訳) 社会改革における中国女性の地位と役割
飯島良子 莽新政権の国家統合論――后稷神話と王莽のまつり――

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