Toward a History of "Here"- Learning from the Phantom Jet Engine-

Wednesday,May 30,2018


DATE: June 2, 2018 (Sat) 13:00-18:00 (Open 12:30)
VENUE: ICU Diffendorfer Memorial Hall East Wing Auditorium

In 2017, a section of a jet engine developed during the Second World War, the “Ne-230,” was discovered on the campus of the International Christian University. The “here” of the ICU campus was the site of the Nakajima Aircraft Company’s Mitaka Research Institute, a facility that designed and tested warplanes during the war years. This symposium is jointly held to discuss the results of an investigation of the jet engine and through its attempts to recover a history of “here” involving the intertwined memories of people who live in this area and on the land that is now the ICU campus.

Opening Address
KITAGAWA, Daijiro (Tokyo National Research Institute for Cultural Properties)

Part 1. The Nakajima Jet Engine and its Discovery
TAKAYANAGI, Masahisa (ICU High School)
NAGASHIMA, Hiroaki (Japan Aeronautic Association)
KANDA, Shigeyoshi (Japan Aeronautic Association)

Video Presentation. “Remembrance of Times Past: Our ICU Campus”

Part 2. Learning the History of “Here” from a Jet Engine
OKUIZUMI, Hikaru (Novelist, KINDAI University)
KATO, Yoko (University of Tokyo)
OKADO, Masakatsu (Yokohama National University)


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