Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 18 (February 1992)

Wednesday,February 19,1992

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 18 (February 1992)

Preface: Masayoshi Uozumi, M. William Steele

Articles (English)
Yuzo Ota Images of Westerners in Japanese Autobiographies
John Ashmead Lafcadio Hearn in America and in Japan: Two Years in the West Indies and Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan
Gilles Baud Berthier The Financial Relations between France and Japan during the Meiji and Taisho Periods: One Example, Albert Kahn (1860-1940)
John Christopher Maher Philippine Creole: Notes on Food Talk in Chabacano
Nai Pan Hla Remnant of a Lost Nation Rediscovered in Thailand
Symposium: Center and Periphery in 19th Century Japan
Anne Walthall Caught in the Middle: Gunchu Sodai in the Restoration Era
James L. McClain Local Elites and the Meiji Transition in Kanazawa
M. William Steele Political Localism in Meiji Japan: The Case of Yoshino Taizo
Michael Lewis Interest and Ideology in Meiji Politics: Inagaki Shimesu and the Toyama Jiyuto
Neil Waters The Village Consolidation of 1889: The Institutionalization of Contradiction in Local Administration
花立三郎 明治初期における中央と地方―熊本実学派の思想と行動―
Articles (Japanese)
伊原 博 東南アジアにおける中国人街の形成と中国の都市―チャイナ・タウン研究試論―
汪 向榮 中国の日本研究の現状
横田洋三 国際法と国内法の関係に関する融和論の検討

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