AsianForum 153th "What a doctor does outside office"

Tuesday,October 14,2014

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Conference Room 203/204, Dialogue House 2F

神野範子 (Noriko KANNO, M.D.)
(Medical corporation PLATANUS Institution home medical care department)

(What a doctor does outside office)

Message from Lecturer:
(ICU alumni who have become doctors are not few. I am one of them. As doctors, we have the privilege of getting involved in peoples’ lives not only in hospital wards and examination rooms, but also in various parts of the country and even beyond our national borders. Naturally, I am frequently led to contemplate upon what I can do and what I ought to do to enhance the health and welfare of the people I serve. At the Asian forum, I will describe what life is like for doctors who struggle to serve people outside of the examination room, and share some stories of the various delights, outrages, sorrows and joys that we experience in the process. )

Lecture in Japanese

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