Past Asian Forum (2017)

EventDay:2017-12-19 Published:2017-11-29

AsianForum 173th "My encounter with Professor Hachiro Yuasa"

Asian Forum No.173 (Asian Forum 2017 Series 4 ‘Learning at ICU and Peace in Asia’) Date:2017/12/ 19(... more

EventDay:2017-10-03 Published:2017-09-13

Asian Forum 172th "Learning at ICU and Peace in Asia"

The 2017 Asian Forum open lecture Series will feature ICU graduates concerned with Asia and Japan St... more

EventDay:2017-06-16 Published:2017-06-16

AsianForum 171th "A Challenge of Traditional Asian Medicine The World of “Kotei Daikei(The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine)”"

Asian Forum No.171 (Asian Forum 2017 Series 2 ‘Learning at ICU and Peace in Asia’) Date:2017/6/16 (... more

EventDay:2017-05-09 Published:2017-04-19

AsianForum 170th "EBINA Danjo and the Issue of Yasukuni Shrine"

Asian Forum No.170 (Asian Forum 2017 Series 1 ‘Learning at ICU and Peace in Asia’ ) Tuesday, May 9, ... more

EventDay:2017-02-24 Published:2017-02-24

AsianForum 169th History of Urban Planning and Development in Middle East 

169th Friday, Feb 24, 2017 12:50-13:50 Honkan-405 Maysoun Sawaan Architect and urban planner Histor... more

EventDay:2017-02-07 Published:2017-02-07

AsianForum 168th "The way of life and architecture in Vories and Raymond"

168th Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017 11:30-12:40 Honkan-203 樺島榮一郎 (KABASHIMA Eiichiro) 青山学院大学 地球社会共生学部 准教授 Ao... more

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