Korea-Japan Field Trip & Peace Forum November 21-26, 2018


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ICU Korea-Japan Peace Forum & Field Trip 2018: Toward a Shared Vision of the Future

November 21-26, 2018

ICU's Peace Research Institute (PRI) would like to invite you to join us for the ICU Korea-Japan Peace Forum and Field Trip (hereinafter K-J Forum & Trip) during the autumn break (November 21st through 26th ). The purpose of the K-J Forum & Trip is to address the current relations between Korea and Japan, North Korea's threats to the security and identity issues, justice issues for Korean residents in Japan, the "comfort women" issues, and/or other critical issues by bringing together groups of students and faculty members from two Korean universities in Korea (Handong Global University and Seoul National University) and ICU.


Bilateral relations between Korea and Japan have a long and muddy history in many contexts of our everyday life, including schools, families and communities on both shores. Tension and incongruity are not only political and economic, but also personal and social for many residents and citizens in Korea and Japan for far too long. Further exacerbated by myriads of factors and events in recent months and years (e.g. missile testing by North Korea, land disputes, wartime incidents, domestic issues with leadership, disparate interpretations of history, North-South Summit), both Korean and Japanese residents must explore possibilities and strategies for peace and justice. Obviously, efforts to alleviate the unfortunate situations call for a shared future for the well-being of neighboring countries at multiple levels, and will be best achieved by engaging young future leaders in both countries.


The specific objectives of the K-J Forum & Trip are: a) to provide opportunities for ICU and Korean students and faculty members to openly discuss bilateral relations between Korea and Japan in a distinctly interdisciplinary atmosphere; b) to provide experiential learning opportunities in Korea for both ICU and Korean students on peace and justice issues with an eye toward developing a mutually-agreed-upon vision for the future; and c) to learn basic attitudes and skills in doing field research on various topics on Korea-Japan relations (e.g., Korean residents in Japan, "comfort women" issues, impact of Korean pop culture, Confucian and Christian traditions).

The K-J Forum and Trip is hosted by the Peace Research Institute and is in collaboration with the School of Law at Handong Global University (Pohang, Korea) and the Institute for Peace and Reconciliation at Seoul National University.

Overview of the K-J Forum & Trip

The preliminary plan includes a series of pre-event study sessions including "survival Korean," guest lectures, readings, and preparations for presentations in Korea while at ICU in September, October and November, historical and war-related memorial trips near Busan, Pohang, and Seoul, some sightseeing tours, group presentations and discussion with students and faculty at Handong Global University on the campus of Handong campus, a special lecture by a Seoul National University Professor, and a post-event forum in February 2019 at ICU. Professor Toshi Sasao, PRI Director, and PRI research staff will accompany the K-J Forum and Trip. We expect that it will cost each student around 160,000 yen including airfare, local transportation, lodging, food, admission fees, etc.

How To Apply

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know as soon as possible by calling PRI at 0422-33-3187 or filling out a Google application form below. Also, we ask that you attend one of the Information Sessions to be held in September 10, 2018. Both undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply. Proficiency in Korean is not required, but you are expected to engage in active discussion and debates (speaking and writing) in English. Screening interviews will take place in late September.

For inquiries, please contact Ms. Dukin Lim, Research Institute Assistant, at or Professor Toshi Sasao, PRI Director at

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