【Symposium】Dialogue with CEO of World Vision International

Tuesday,February 20,2024



World Vision International, a leading figure among international non-governmental organizations, is renowned for its extensive humanitarian and developmental aid efforts in developing countries. We are honored to welcome its CEO, Rev. Andrew Morley, to the ICU campus this April.

The Peace Research Institute, in collaboration with World Vision International and ICU's Reconciliation Forum, will organize a symposium featuring insightful discussions with student panelists and Rev. Morley.

We extend a warm invitation to all students, faculty, and staff at ICU to participate in this enriching experience.


Symposium Theme: ‘Realities and Hope: The Darkest Corners of the World’

Guest Speaker: Rev. Andrew Morley, CEO of World Vision International

Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Time: 10:30am-12:00pm

Venue: Alumni House, 2nd Floor

Student Panelists:

 Apollo Ssenyange (undergraduate student from Uganda)

 Ikko Komiya (undergraduate student from Japan)

 Sirine El Halabi (M.A. student from Lebanon, Rotary Peace Fellow)

 Silvia Luz González  Márquez (Ph.D. student from Mexico, PRI RIA)

Facilitator: Prof. Mikiko Nishimura, ICU

Language: English

Registration required: Please register through the following QR code.



Inquiry to: 

Mikiko Nishimura (nmikiko@icu.ac.jp)

Luz González (p002668i@icu.ac.jp)

ICU PRI  (icupri@icu.ac.jp)

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