Academic Year 2019

Friday,November 13,2020


April 26

Open Lecture by Dr. Thomas Römer (Collegè du France and the University of Lausanne), "War and Peace in Hebrew Bible"

May 9

Open Lecture by Dr. Matthew Eddy (South Utah University), "On the Film, Bold Peace: Costa Rica's Peace Constitution"

October 16

Open Lecture by Kyung-Taek Ha (Presbyterian Univetsity and Theological Seminary), "Servant's Mission in the Fourth Song of the Servant of the LORD (Isa 52:13-53:12)

October 18

Open Lecture by Dr. Gordon Graham (Princeton Theological Seminary), "Democracy, Authority and God"

December 8

Symposium, "Peace Education in Context: An Interdisciplinary Global Look"

January 7

Open Lecture by Dr. Kristin Surak (SOAS, University of Lodon), "Sale of Citizenship"

January 20

Workshop, "2019 Korea-Japan Student Peace Workshop"

February 6

Open Lecture, Mr. Oh Kohei (MOTHERHOUSE), "Reconsiderating the Relationship between Business and Society: From Introducing MOTHEHOUSE Story"

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