Academic Year 2017

Friday,November 13,2020


April 24

Open Lecture by Prof. Uochol Kim, "Conflict Resolution, Positive Engagement and Pece-Building: Neurobiological, Psychological and Global Perspectives"

July 5

Open Lecture by Prof. Chih-yu Shih, "Post-Chineseness, Nationalism and Religions"

November 6

Open Lecture by Ms. Haruko Sakakihara, "Japanese Internment in Siberia: Untold Stories"

January 12

Open Lecture by Prof. Kenji Isezaki (TUFS), "Abe Kaken Which Way, 'Article 9'?"

January 18

Open Lecture by Prf. Jun-Hyeok Kwak (Sun Yat-sen University, China), "Republicanism and Peaceful Coexistence"

January 25

Open Lecture by Mr. Freddy Svane (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark), "To Be or Not To Be"

January 27

Korea-Japan Peace Forum

February 12

Symposium to mark the establishment of the Information Center on Statelessness in Japan

February 24

Symposium, "Minorities and Peace Issues in Japan: An Interdisciplinary Approach"

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