Open lecture on "Understanding Palestinian Experiences in Context" (co-hosted by PRI)

Friday,November 3,2023


The 198th Asian Forum Understanding Palestinian Experiences_page-0001.jpgUnderstanding Palestinian Experiences in Context

Date: November 14, 2023 (Tue.) 12:50-13:50
Lecturer: NAMBU Makiko (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Venue: Troyer Memorial Arts & Sciences Hall (T-kan) 328
Language: English
Host: Institute of Asian Cultural Studies
Co-Hosts: Peace Research Institute, Social Science Research Institute

This event hopes to welcome students and anyone one who are currently witnessing the situation unfolding in Gaza and Palestine with deep concerns and are interested in engaging with further learning. The talk will provide crucial historical context to understand the present day colonial occupation, siege and the systems of apartheid, and to learn about some critical global responses and actions in the service of freedom and justice.

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    Open lecture on "Understanding Palestinian Experiences in Context" (co-hosted by PRI) Peace Research Institute  Jp sitemap  En sitemap