Possibilities Guide in ICU Vol.3

Friday,March 1,2024



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(2024.3.7 Notice) Please note that all gender toilets will be relocated in AY2024 due to the renovation work in the Main building.
Information about toilets for AY2024 is available here.

(2024.4.25 Correction) We apologize for the misprint in the information of the Counseling Center on page 16.
The correction is as follows:
Location Dialogue House 2F
Tel. 0422-33-3499
Website https://sites.google.com/info.icu.ac.jp/icucounselingcenter-english/

Location Arts and Sciences Hall, Room 149(1st Floor)
Tel. 0422-33-3119/3120
Website https://sites.google.com/icu.ac.jp/hcoforstudents

We launched a new version of the ICU Possibilities Guide. This version has minor changes, including updated information on the location of consultation centres and multipurpose toilets, as well as the addition that students will be able to change their names only with an application form from AY2024.

About This Guide

This guide was created to provide support to students marginalized at ICU (International Christian University) in order for them to obtain a better learning environment. CGS (Center for Gender Studies) is in charge of the editing and publication of this guide. It is a revised and reoriented version of the “LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook,” which has been published since 2012, the “Gender, Sexuality, and Campus Life Vol.1: ICU Possibilities Guide” which has been published since 2016 and the “Gender Dysphoria and Campus Life Vol.2: ICU Possibilities Guide,“ which has been published in 2023.

The current title “Possibility Guide” is based on a proposal by ICU undergraduates. This edition continues the focus on the needs of students with gender dysphoria that require institutional negotiation, which was the aim of the previous edition. In addition, we have subtitled the guide “Gender, Sexuality and Campus Life” to include the aspect of “examining campus life from the perspective of gender and sexuality,” which was intended by the first edition of the Possibilities Guide.

The information listed in this guide reflects the measures that have been made possible at ICU, but may not fit each individual’s needs or expectations. CGS will continue its work to create a more comfortable environment for students, and as such, we will periodically update this guide. We at CGS hope to keep expanding what is possible at ICU, reflecting the voices of students.

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