CGS Opening Hours

Tuesday,March 8,2022

Infections of the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus continue to spread and the Tokyo metropolitan authority has decided to extend the application of the ‘urgent measures required to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.'

In response to this situation, from March 8th to March 18th, CGS will be open on the following days:

March 11th 11:00-16:00

March 14th 11:00-16:00

March 17th 11:00-16:00

March 18th 11:00-16:00

If you want to use the library at the Center for Gender Studies on another day, send an email to CGS Assistant Professor Letizia Guarini ( at least two days before the date you would like to visit the center. Be sure to write your name and the date and time you would like to use the library. If we have an event or a meeting, we may not be able to accommodate your request. It would be helpful if you could suggest more than one possible date and time.

Make sure you follow the rules listed below when using the center.

If you have cold-like symptoms, please refrain from coming to the center.

Clean your hands with hand sanitizer when you enter the center.

Don't use the center for dining.

Wear a mask over your nose and mouth at all times.

A maximum of three people can use the center at the same time.

We would like as many students as possible to use the center. The length of time allowed at the center is not restricted, but please be considerate of other visitors when using the space during busy times.

We will keep the windows open to prevent viral transmission. Please don't close them.

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