Photograph & Video Competition: Collecting the pieces of Vories’ dream for ICU

Date : 2016-9-25

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Photograph & Video Competition
Call for entries
Co lecting the pieces of Vories’ dream for ICU

Sponsored by Institute of Asian Cultural Studies, ICU
Co-sponsored by ICU Alumni Association

Application form is HERE

●Qualification for participation:
Students(Individuals or groups)、faculty(incl. part-time faculty)、Alumni , and people involved with ICU

Architecture, Buildings in ICU designed by Vories
(University Hall, Diffendorfer Memorial Hall, 2nd Women’s Dorm and some Faculty

**Delivery of Submission: You can submit the image or video file via download link like Google Drive, Gigafile to If you have the url of download link, please fill the url in the application form. Also if you want to output an image by yourself, please send or bring the image which you printed to IACS (H-255).

◎Photograph: Any size up to A2. Any presentation of images, text is allowed. (max. 100 words)
◎Video: Maximum length is 5 minutes. If possible please submit HD quality video (more than 1280×720 size).

●Prizes (book gift card)
Best Shot (one in both categories) :\10,000
Alumni Prize (one in both categories) :\10,000
Second Prize (one in each category) :\5,000
Judges’ Selection (Two in each category) :\3,000

Submission by October 12, 2016 (Japan time) September 20, 2016 of the printed materials or files to
Institute of Asian Cultural Studies (H-255,

Method of Evaluation
Ph.D. Prof. Takeshi Arimoto, The Chairman of the Competition Committee

Announcement of Results
10 AM, October 22, 2016 (Japan time)

Winners Exhibition
Photographs will be displayed in Diffendorfer Memorial Hall, October 29, 2016 during
the Vories Symposium. Videos will be shown during coffee break.

For more information email or visit
Institute of Asian Cultural studies (Mon-Fri. 10:00~16:00)

All applicants or their representatives should protect the Personal Information Law.
All works will only be used for the purpose of this competition and promoting the activities of Institute of Asian Cultural Studies.