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ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.14 2017

Compliment Response in Japanese:Learners' Motivation in Pragmatic Choices / Ai SUKEGAWA

Aspect of the Responsive Expression, "ee" through Literature: A Reading of "Chijin no Ai" by Junichiro Tanizaki / Yasuko KANAYAMA, Rica NINOMIYA

The Significance of Developing Visual Comprehension in Beginning-Intermediate Japanese: A practical report on 'Intensive Japanese B" movie-introduction project / Nobuyoshi ASAOKA

Reading Comprehension Education for First/Heritage Speakers of Japanese at University Level- A Report on Reading Class of 2016-2017 Special Japanese Courses - / Yasuko KANAYAMA, Kyoko FUJIMOTO

Orienting First-year Students to University Environment in Japanese Language Education / Aki SHIBUKAWA, Tomoko TAKEDA

ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.13 2016

A Report on Incorporationg a Mock Interview into the Teaching of Formal Expressions: An Attenmpt to Improve Autonomous learning and Sense of purpose / Ayako UGAMOCHI

Report on ICU Graduate School, School-wide Interdisciplinary "Writing for Researchers (Japanese)" Course/ Yasuko KANAYAMA, Kazumi TANAKA

Report on the "Academic Wrioting in Japanese" in 2016: Focusing on "to Whom, for What, and How"?/ Yoko SUZUKI

Introducing the New "Japanese: Step by Step" Program/ Kazumi TANAKA, Tomomi SAKURAGI, Aiko NEMOTO, Ai SUKEGAWA

Report on the ELA/JLP Joint Class: ARW Stream 3 and Intensive Japanese C during the Winter Term of 2016/Mari KUROMATSU, Yoko SUZUKI

ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.12 2015

The Impact of Syllabic Numbers on Chinese Loanwords in Japanese and Korean/ Yutaka SATO

A Survey of Intermediate and Advanced Level Textbooks Using Literature as Reading Text/ Yasuko KANAYAMA, Rica NINOMIYA

A Practical Report on Advanced Level "Advanced Seminar in Japanese A"/ Ayumi NAGATOMI

A Practical Report on 2015 Spring Semester "Academic Writing in Japanese": Academic Writing Through Presenting Objectives and Rubric Evaluation/ Tomoko TAKEDA

Using Online Tools in the Latter Half of Basic Japanese Language Class: A Report from ICU Summer Courses in Japanese Language/ Ikumi OZAWA

ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.11 2014

Review of Issues and Potential Solutions of Japan-U.S. Telecollaboration: From the Program Coordinator's Viewpoint/ Yuka AKIYAMA

A Study on the Language Education of International Baccalaureate: Comparison of Kokugo Education and Liberal Arts Education/ Atsuko HANDA

A Report on Extensive Reading - An Attempt to Establish a Reading Community through Drama -/ Sakiko MATSUI

Problems in Evaluating the Contributions of Japanese Language Program to University Internationalization/ Ikumi OZAWA, Chika MARUYAMA, Nobuko IKEDA

ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.10 2013

An Experienced Teacher’s Narrative on a Japanese Language Class and the Teacher’s Belief Behind It: Multi-Methods Combined Analysis/ Ikumi OZAWA, Yukie TAKEGATA, Yukari TSUMONE

The Potential and Positive Benefits of Group Read-Aloud Activities as a Japanese Teaching Method/ Atsuko HANDA

Teaching Debate and Essay Writing in Advanced Japanese Course/ Eri KAZUNO

JLP Curriculum Reform - New Curriulum Starts From September 2013/ Kazumi TANAKA

ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.9 2012

The Difficulty of a Japanese Family Name and the Important Matter on Instruction/ Atsuko HANDA

Lexical Inferencing in L2 Japanese Reading: L2 Proficiency and L1 Reading as Predictors of Semantic Gap Filling (SGF) at Word Level/ Mamoru HATAKEYAMA

A Study of the Function of "ee" - A Literature Based Analysis -/ Yasuko KANAYAMA, Rica NINOMIYA

A Report on Extensive Reading in the Basic and Intermediate Japanese Classes/ Sakiko MATSUI, Kyoko MIKAMI, Yasuko KANAYAMA

Extensive Reading for Advanced Learners in Japanese: Practice Report of C7 at Summer Courses in Japanese/ Kyoko KAWANA

An Attempt to Develop Academic Skills through Debate/ Eri KAZUNO

ICU Studies in Japanese Language Education Vol.8 2011

A Cross-sectional Study on L2 Pragmatic Competence in Japanese: Subordinate Conjunctions Kara and Node/ Mamoru HATAKEYAMA

What We Should Know When Conducting PAC Analysis in Japanese to Non-Native Speakers of Japanese: Suggestions from a Survey of Thai Novice Japanese-Language Teachers by PAC Analysis/ Ikumi OZAWA, Yukie TAKEGATA, Yukari TSUBONE, Naomi HATTA

The Actual Frequency of the o-VN-da Construction: A Replication of Sato 2011/ Yutaka SATO

Developing social networks as a “search for my place”/ Fumi YAMAKAWA

Material Development of “Chūkyū Nichijō Kaiwa (Daily Conversation for Intermediate Level)” Based on Calendar Syllabus/ Eri KAZUNO, Yukiko SATO, Yoko SUZUKI

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