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Tuesday,July 24,2018

Humanities: Christianity and Culture is a peer-reviewed academic journal,
published by Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture,
International Christian University, Tokyo. The journal is published once a
year. The editors are happy to consider scholarly articles on literature, art,
music, philosophy, and religion. We are particularly interested in articles
with an interdisciplinary focus within the humanities.

From 2018, Humanities will publish online. A complete list of past articles,
together with summaries and full texts of recent articles, are available on
our website ( or ICU Repository

Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture

International Christian University

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Phone: +81-422-33-3100 (or 0422-33-3100 inside Japan)
Fax: +81-422-33-3778 (or 0422-33-3778 inside Japan)

E-mail: (please direct enquiries to ‘ICC Staff’)

ICC is now inviting scholars to contribute papers for Vol. 50.
The submission deadline is Friday, 26 October 2018.

ICC is now inviting papers for Vol 50, 2018, whose dead line would be 31 October (for the contributers outside of Japan) .

Please send your completed article to icc☆ (please substitute ☆ to @).

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