Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 17 (March 1989)

Sunday,March 19,1989

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 17 (March 1989)
“Art and Power in Japan and China”

Introduction: Joseph P. McDermott

Yoshimizu Tsuneo The Shosoin: An Open and Shut Case
Onishi Hiroshi The Iconography of Demons in Japanese Art: A Few Modest Proposals
Kumakura Isao From the Ontlandish to the Refined: Art and Power at the Outset of the Edo Period
M. William Steele Goemon’s New World View: Popular Representations of the Opening of Japan
Robert Eskildsen Traditional Morality in a Modern Crisis: An Artist’s View of the 1918 Nagoya Rice Riots
James Cahill The “Madness” in Bada Shanren’s Paintings
Joseph P.McDermott The Making of a Chinese Mountain, Huangshan: Politics and Wealth in Chinese Art

Postscript: Uozumi Masayoshi, Joseph P. McDermott

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