Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.16 (November 1987)

Thursday,November 19,1987

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.16 (November 1987)

源 了圓 徳川初期における中国儒学の需要――「心学・心法」の問題を中心として――
ヘレン・ボールハチェット ウォルター・デニング――明治初期における宣教師の活動――
C. A. Jeffcott Towns, Markets, and the Urban Population in Song China
Robert Borgen State Sponsorship of Chinese Literature in Early Japan
M. W. Steele No Dead Cats – Local Politics in Japan’s First National Election
William Powell Mt. Jiuhua: The Nine-Florate Realm of Dicang Pusa
Motoyoshi Omori Custom, Law, and Environment: Some Causes of Disputes on Rice Fields in Hinterland Sri Lanka
Robert N. Bellah Living a Christian Life in Modern Society

Postscript: Masayoshi Uozumi, Joseph P. McDermott

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