Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 15 (November 1985)

Wednesday,November 6,1985

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魚住昌良 日欧比較史の試み―中世都市の指導層―
奥平隆二 ビルマの伝統法とその特徴―上座部仏教圏諸国法制史の一考察―
Anne Walthall Peasant Martyrs in Rural Japan
M. William Steele Making Parliamentary Politics Work: Japan’s First Diet 1890-1891
Herbert S. Yee,
Ryo Ota
Sino-Japanese Relations in the 1980s: Attitudes, Perceptions and Policies
Joseph P. McDermott The Huichou Sources – A Key to the Social and Economic History of Late Imperial China
Whalen Lai The One-Legged and the Three-legged – A Chinese Answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx’s
Hu Xi-nien Recent Chinese Scholarship on Japan
Koichi Niitsu,
Yuko Hashimoto
Types of Attitude of Slum Dwellers in Bangkok: An Exploratory Comparison with Cities in Other Asian Countries
Motoyoshi Omori Rural Development Schemes in the Interior of Sri Lanka

Postscript: Masayoshi Uozumi, M. William Steele

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