Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.14 (February 1984)

Tuesday,February 28,1984

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Asian Cultural Studies, Vol.14 (February 1984)
Rethinking the Modernization of Asian Societies

長(武田)清子 アジア社会の近代化――シンポジウムを始めるに際して――
大塚久雄 経済学とその文化的限界
中内恒夫 経済協力の思想
石渡 茂 「近代経済成長」の比較研究――バングラデシュと日本の経験を中心として――
Masayoshi Uozumi The Japanese Town in Transition from Medieval to Early ModernTimes
M. William Steele Integration and Participation in Meiji Politics – Japan’s Political Modernization Reconsidered
Anne Walthall Comments on Profesor Steele’s Paper
Koichi Niitsu The Modernization of Producers of Capital Goods in Nepal – A Study of Blacksmiths, Carpenters, and Engineers
Motoyoshi Omori,
Yoshiko Taniguchi
Education, Wagework and Social Welfare – Some Varialbles of Modernization in Rural Sri Lanka
Kiyoko Takeda Cho The Significance of Dr. Yuasa Hachiro’s Life and Thought in the Modern Development of Japan

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