Asian Cultural Studies, Special Issue No. 14 (March 2005)

Sunday,March 6,2005

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(Takasawa Norie)
河田 明久
(Kawata Akihisa)
(Family as a Wartime Icon in Modern Japan)
Harry Wray Ideology in Search of Supporting History: A Content Analysis of the Controversial Japanese History Textbook Atarashii Rekishi Kyokasho
Yoshida Takashi A War over Words: Changing Descriptions of Nanjing in Japanese History Textbooks
Peter Mauch Pearl Harbor as “New History”: Japanese -American Relations, 1938-1941, and the Atarashii Rekishi Kyokasho
Timothy M. Yang The Japanese History Textbook Controversy and the Legacy of the Textbook Reform of the Allied Occupation
源 了圓
(Minamoto Ryoen)
(Incidents Surrounding the Assassination of Yokoi Shonan, and Debates Concerning the Origins of “Tendokakumei-ron”)

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