AsianForum 167th "ICU Campus History: from Nakajima Aircraft to Science Hall"

Wednesday,September 28,2016


Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016

加藤雅久 (KATO Masahisa)
Habitation Research Studio(居住技術研究所)

ICU Campus History: from Nakajima Aircraft to Science Hall

ICU のキャンパスは、旧中島飛行機三鷹研究所の敷地と建物を受け継ぐことから始まった。戦時建築を活用した本館、二人の建築家の手を経た礼拝堂、学生会館として当時最大限の機能を最小限の空間にまとめたD棟、東洋初の開架式図書館など、モダニズム建築の秀作揃いである。開学の精神を今日に伝えるこれらの施設群はまた、マスタープランのリレーの歴史でもあった。今回は、キャンパスと各建物の特徴を設計意図や技術的・文化的側面から読み解き、それらの史的価値を考えたい。

The ICU campus began as the site of the Mitaka Research Center of the wartime Nakajima Aircraft Company. It contains several masterpieces of architecture associated with Modernism: The University Hall (Honkan) betrays is origins as a stunning example of wartime architecture, the University chapel designed W. M. Vories and re-fashioned by Antonin Raymond, The Diffendorfer Memorial Hall that manages to pack multiple functions into minimal space, and the ICU Library, the first open-shelf library in Asia. These facilities not only transmit to us the spirit of ICU founders but also contain the history of successive attempts to create a master plan for the ICU campus. This presentation will examine the technical and cultural aspects associated these plans to realize the special character of the university, thereby inviting us to rethink the historical value of the campus and its buildings.

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