Asian Forum (2007)

Monday,December 31,2007

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“Cheating as a Democratic Practice:
An Exploration of the Connection Between Political Ethics and Masculinity”

Robin LeBlanc
JICUF Visiting Professor of Political Science, ICU
Associate Professor of Politics, Washington and Lee University
Nov 12, 2007

“Views of Japanese Resident in Korea of the Japanese residency-General
in Korea’s Governance, 1905-1910″

Ichikawa Marie
Master’s Degree in Korean History, 2007. Department of Korean History. Seoul National University
Oct 22, 2007

Working Within the System: “Group Sounds”
and the Commercial and Revolutionary Potential of Noise”

Michael Bourdaghs
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature, UCLA Director, UC Tokyo Study Center
June 4, 2007

“JAPANESE ONLY”–The Otaru Onsens Case and Racial Discrimination in Japan”

Arudou Debito
Associate Professor, Hokkaido Information University
April 23, 2007

“The Thought of the Korean Neo-Confucian Scholar Yi Toegye”

Seog-in Eom
Associate Professor, Yashima Gakuen University
January 22, 2007

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