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The third issue of the CGS Newsletter is now available both in print and online. Click the URL to download the PDF version.

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Contents of the CGS Newsletter 003

2005 CGS International Workshop Coming Soon!
2005 International Workshop Coordinator: Ikoma, Natsumi

Feature: 2004 CGS International Workshop

Publication of the CGS Journal No.00
CGS editorial dept.

News from CGS

Joint Symposium: History and Gender
ICU Student: Kawasaka, Kazuyoshi

Women and the Sciences: L. Schiebinger Lecture
Osaka Univ. Graduate Student: Kubota, Hiroyuki

Politics of Metaphor and Discourse
ICU Exchange Student: Cara Fantini

Invitation to PGSS !
The PGSS Steering Committee

Invitation for Contributions to CGS Journal 01
The CGS Editorial Committee

News from Japan

News Bulletin: Victory for Plaintiffs
ICU Graduate Student: Hirano, Ryo

Japan's Human Trafficking Problem
ICU Student: Shimizu, Yudai

A Gender Perspective for the Jury System!
Senshu Univ. Graduate Student: Tamura, Naoko

A Transcultural Night on the Milky Way
ICU Graduate Student: Azuma, Shiho

News from Asia

Sex Tourism Industry in Southeast Asia
ICU Graduate: Yoshinari, Aiko

Marriage Controversy in China: Who Wins?
ICU Graduate Student: Zhu, Huiwen

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