ICU Nursing Room

Thursday,March 10,2022


ICU Nursing Room is located in the University Hall.

ICU students, graduate students, administrative and faculty staff (including part-time lecturers) with infants can use it.
The facility is equipped for breastfeeding, milking, and diaper changing.
The room can also be used as a space for childcare providers to watch children for short periods of time, such as during classes.

Users are responsible for arranging their own childcare providers, but feel free to contact CGS for advice.

Please note that children with fever or contagious diseases are not allowed to use the nursing room.


University Hall 1F 156B

Open hours

University Hall open hours

How to use

1) Register at the Security Office (116, 1st floor of the Administration Building) and receive a duplicate key for the nursing room.
2) Visit the Center for Gender Studies (ERB-I 301, 3rd floor) to learn more about the nursing room and other initiatives related to parenting at ICU.
3) Observe the "ICU Nursing Room Usage Rules" when using the nursing room.

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