Gender, Sexuality, and Campus Life Vol.01: Possibilities Guide in ICU (ver.1)

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Gender, Sexuality, and Campus Life Vol.01: Possibilities Guide in ICU (ver.1) Full Text (PDF, A4, 20pages, 2.1MB)

About This Guide
The "Gender, Sexuality, and Campus Life Vol.1: ICU Possibilities Guide" was created to provide support to students attending ICU (International Christian University) in order for them to obtain a better learning environment. CGS (Center for Gender Studies) is in charge of the editing and publication of this guide. It is a revised and reoriented version of the "LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook," which has been published since 2012.*1 Our decision to refocus and rename the guide was founded on two goals: one, to change the title to reflect the chief aim of the guide, which is to verify information about campus life from a gender and sexuality perspective; and two, to cast off the unintended reputation that ICU supports LGBT students. The current title is based on a proposal by ICU undergraduates.
The guide contains information about institutional support here at ICU, based on how actual cases were handled in the past. It introduces information that may be useful for university life in terms of gender and sexuality, such as the handling of cases pertaining to students who are at unease with their gender--for example, transgender or GID*2 students--as well as how to register for the student-accessible Nursing Room on campus.
The information listed in this guide reflects the measures that have been made possible at ICU, and may not fit each individual's needs or expectations. CGS will continue its work to create a more comfortable environment for students, and as such, we will periodically update this guide. We at CGS hope to keep expanding what is possible at ICU, thanks to the voices of students.

*1 LGBT, "LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook" An acronym formed by taking the first letters of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. In recent years, it has come into use as a general term to refer to sexual minorities. Occasionally, it is written with other letters, such as Q (Questioning, Queer) or A (Asexual, Ally). Of course, sexual minorities are not limited to the four categories of LGBT, nor are gender and sexuality-related difficulties limited only to minorities. The title, "LGBT in ICU Student Guidebook: Transgender and GID Edition" was chosen based on the aforementioned limitations, and for two major reasons: one was that we wanted to include the word "transgender," which was the main topic of the guide; the second was because we wanted a title that anticipated a second edition that treated other genders and sexualities besides transgender.
*2 Gender Identity Disorder A medical term occasionally written as GID, formed by taking the first letters of each word. In recent years, there has been a movement advocating the use of the word "gender dysphoria" instead of GID.

About This Guide
Register Changes to Name/Gender
[Column: Message from Alumni] Changing Society Is Another Option! (IIDA Akiru, ID 04, Division of Social Science, CLA)
Gender Listings on University-Issued Documents
[Column from CGS] Graduation Gowns
Physical Education Courses, Changing Rooms
Annual Health Examinations for Students and Individual Exams
Study Abroad
[Column: Message from Alumni] My Study Program Experience (Daiki Hiramori, ID13, Sociology major, Mathematics minor)
[Column from CGS] Survey on LGBT Issues in the Workplace Environment
University Event: Retreat Lodging
[Column from CGS] Dormitories
University Event: Fuwa Café
Student-Led Projects: R-Weeks Project, Sumire Project
ICU Nursing Room
Unisex/Multipurpose Bathrooms
Special Advisor for Gender and Sexuality
Inquiries about this Guidebook

Gender, Sexuality, and Campus Life Vol.01: Possibilities Guide in ICU (ver.1) Full Text (PDF, A4, 20pages, 2.1MB)

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